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This is where we are working on document management software for smart building

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Working at thinkproject

And this is the result:

Desalination Plant, Azerbaijan

The projects our clients realise with our software are sometimes just stunning and make us incredibly proud!

Your career at thinkproject

Why are we connecting smart minds?

We connect everyone. Clients, colleagues, offices, and leaders. Because we only win as a team. In our networks, with people and colleagues, collaborating and innovating.

And we enable smart projects. Therefore, we need smart minds. That have the right competencies and learn more everyday.

Our Values

Collaboration drives innovation

Great innovations rarely come from one brilliant mind alone, but usually arise from the small actions and ideas of a team which works together.

Courage drives change

We strive for a culture of agility where we anticipate, adapt to, respond to, exploit, and when necessary, are bold enough to initiate change. We foster a safe environment for smart risk-taking – and we learn from smart failures.

Integrity drives trust

We are honest, open, ethical, and fair. Customers and our employees trust us to adhere to our word, and we do what we say. There is always an open door for honest opinions and feedback, and we are quick to share our knowledge with and offer support to each other.

Simplification drives motivation

We make it simple for our employees to create new ideas to meet the current and future needs of our customers. Working for and with us should not be overly complicated so we strive for simple processes and efficient tools.

Commitment drives customer centricity

We meet our customer’s challenges with passion. Because happy customers are easier to do business with. We develop products customers love. Our products and services are so compelling that there is no room for them to look elsewhere.


Here are some highlights of the benefits around thinkproject’s great global team which make us unique.


We organise global challenges & games such as global World Cup Prediction Game or take 5 challenge.


All employees receive an account with an unlimited number of online trainings with Udemy for Business.


Annual. Internal. Such as our Sales Summit, Tech Summit, or Delivery Summit.


Up to two days per week.


QiGong and yoga training once a week.


Celebrating birthdays, after work, summer excursion, and team events.


Didn’t find the job you were looking for?


Phone +49 89 930 839 419 | [email protected]


We are always looking for new smart minds. So be smart and apply even of you didn’t find the right job in the job board.

Why is working at thinkproject simply great?


You'll work at the forefront of new digital technologies. Collaboratively, smart and agile!


From Brazil to China, our clients work on inspiring projects across the world that make us proud to work in this industry.


We work together in seven countries and more than ten offices. It works because we support connecting smart minds. By using the right tools, processes and giving the right amount of freedom.

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