Jointly delivering optimum results

CONCLUDE CDE supports Open BIM (Building Information Modelling) to enable the open exchange of building models. Independent of their own software/CAD environment, project members can exchange model data via the IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) format. Thus, everybody can access all information and revisions immediately and at any time, including documentation and history of all documents, drawings and model data. As with 2-D drawings, the flexible workflows structure the planning process for 3-D models.

Additionally, our solution supports a central and transparent Clash & Task-Management via the BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) standard.

open bim

CONCLUDE CDE is ruled by the principle divide and conquer for a lean and thus controllable 3-D model. Objects in the model contain only significant data such as the size, position and the properties that are needed for a model-based evaluation. All further details such as the material, quality, fittings, certificates, etc. that are not necessary for the model-based evaluation are kept in a separate database and can be maintained there without having to access the model itself. The unbeatable advantage is that “working on the model” is no limiting factor, and distributed work is promoted.

Thanks to the quantity structure, the individual model elements of a clean BIM model can be transferred to the module Cost Control. And by incorporating the prices, you will be able to initially tax the construction costs. The actual cost monitoring is then done in the Cost Control module based on invoices, orders, supplements and risks.

Other Highlights:

Every team member works with the familiar software/CAD environment and they can collaborate and exchange model data via IFC

Flexible workflows structure the planning process

Transparent Clash & Task Management with BCF

Initial construction cost estimate by transferring model elements