Cost Control

Monitoring cost safely and efficiently

Cost Control puts an end to storing data at different locations, the loss of transparency and delays in accessing the current cost situation. It is the ideal tool for transparent budgeting, invoice and cost monitoring for larger structural design and plant projects. The module, which bundles and displays all budget and cost items, significantly facilitates forecasting, evaluation, cross-organisational invoice runs and cash flow planning from everywhere, and at any time. 

The quick access to budget and costs saves time and money, providing maximum efficiency and transparency. The link to SAP reduces further sources of error. The module is roughly divided into four functional areas: cost estimate, cost control, cash flow planning, and reporting.

The module’s flexible report generator offers many possibilities such as target-performance comparisons, management reports, risk analyses and forecasts as well as the automatic creation of invoice, order and amendment sheets.

Consistent Invoice Entry

Thanks to the interface into accounting systems such as SAP or MS Dynamics NAV (Navision), all project participants (dependent on their rights) have quick and safe access to the platform. The result: cost data that is always up to date, and time-consuming manual comparisons are a thing of the past.

invoice entry

Effective Cost Control

With its different budgeting methods (contract units/commercial budgeting), Cost Control builds a bridge between several systems and cost philosophies – thus allowing for an efficient and particularly effective cost management. Combining systematic risk management and dynamic cash flow planning, the module provides a solid basis for well-founded, reliable forecasts, containing data that is updated daily for the duration of the project.

cost control