Many extras, many additional features

The Extras module comprises many supplementary modules that are designed to further facilitate the collaboration within your building project. As with all the other modules, each of these extra modules can be booked separately – just as needed. You would like an individual configuration? Simply contact us.

Report Management 
The forms-based, customised reporting offers evaluations, trends and time-series analyses for external and internal business partners as well as project participants.

Here, external partners – both planners and contractors – can bindingly register claims. Additionally, the module offers a workflow-based review and approval process for registered extra costs as well as an interface to the Cost Control module in CONCLUDE CDE.

In this module, the review and approval of all invoices, including deadline monitoring and time management, is done based on workflows. The interface to the Cost Control module simplifies your work considerably.

Warranty Management
Convenient management of warranty periods after construction is completed. The module offers a workflow-based controlling – from defect recording at the user/tenant to the execution by contractors – and statistical evaluation.

Punch list
Uncompleted tasks, for example, those fixed in regular meetings, are managed in the LOP format (Excel-based). Tasks can be assigned to the persons responsible, and the execution/controlling is tracked by means of evaluations and lists of all project LOPs.

This tender platform helps you conveniently distribute tender documents. It supports Q&As and can serve as a platform for suppliers to file a tender. As a matter of course, the module is compliant with the current procurement law.

Room Book 
The fully configurable Room Book module helps you manage and maintain all room-related information of a building. Linked with the BIM module, it lets you create evaluations and lists (e.g. door list) in no time at all.

Machinery List 
This tool, which is linked to the BIM module, can be used to manage and maintain all machinery and equipment of a production site. Fully configurable, it can create evaluations and lists.

Data Room
Use this data room to provide potential buyers of an object or portfolio with all relevant documents/information (contracts, inventory plan). It could not be any simpler: we collect, scan and file the documents – if desired, watermarked and time-stamped – in a structured manner. Then, you simply invite potential buyers to view the documents directly in the module.

Construction Diary 
This diary serves to document the developing process of your construction project. Here, you can note down the construction conditions and generate PDF data sheets.