Modern collaboration

Map complex design review processes as a chain of tasks

CONCLUDE CDE’s module Tasks lets you manage, plan, review and track all events from different sources, including meetings minutes, BCF (BIM Collaboration Format), project plans, and workflows. Tasks that need to be reviewed are marked accordingly and soon as the task is resolved, the other project participants are notified and asked for a cross-check.

In addition, Tasks allows you to save and track clashes from BIM Clash Detection as BCF (BCF tracking).


Simplified Workflow

Decision-making processes and adjustments are easily accelerated in Tasks, as BCF issues are transmitted, solved and sent back separately – without having to send 3-D data. The BCF task is conveniently displayed in a small pop-up window; a direct link to the corresponding part in the building model simplifies your work considerably.

Other Highlights:

A clear overview of tasks in a list

Graphic markers in the module or e-mail notifications remind of overdue tasks