BIM World Munich 2018 with thinkproject

BIM World Munich 2018 with thinkproject

BIM World, the leading event for innovate BIM solutions, was held in Munich this week and we were delighted to attended as exhibitors and offer insight into BIM Collaboration and Information Management.

Issues covered on the day by thinkproject included; How to actively promote the digitisation of construction processes and take collaboration in BIM projects to a new level? and What requirements must a BIM-compliant Common Data Environment (CDE) meet? -amongst many others.

thinkproject were also given the opportunity to present a lecture on Managing Digital Transformation - BIM from Pilot to Production, headed by Eric Schapke, Director of BIM/PLM at thinkproject.

The key themes of the conference were BIM capturing, collaboration, visualisation and best practice within the industry, as well as the opportunity to swap ideas and connect with innovative industry professionals.

BIM is now a crucial aspect of the digitialisation within the engineering and construction industry. You can read more on the subject with our host of whitepapers here

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