CG Group and thinkproject establish a strategic partnership

CG Group and thinkproject establish a strategic partnership

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The early involvement of all participants from the planning to the implementation stage will be made substantially easier thanks to thinkproject. Continuous digitalisation leads to cost savings while at the same time demonstrably reducing time-intensive rectifications.

The CG Group AG is Germany's leading project developer. With B-IQ, the CG Group is thinking well ahead in terms of BIM (Building Information Modelling) while introducing BIM + 360 degree added value for the entire property development process. The CG Group is the first property developer in Germany to have implemented BIM while digitalising the entire value-added chain for property development.

On the Vertical Villages projects, the property developer is renovating and revitalising commercial assets such as high-rises to convert them into fully furnished living spaces with multi-functional characteristics. The goal is to attain a cost reduction of 25% through risk minimisation and quality enhancements. Within the scope of a best-in-class strategy, thinkproject was selected and integrated into CG's concept together with other digitalisation tools.

Frank Gröner, authorised representative of the CG Group AG explains: “While searching for a suitable system which provides digital solutions for cross-enterprise collaboration and which supports both information and BIM process management in our projects, we decided for thinkproject. Using thinkproject we have now found a provider and a platform that not only cover the broad spectrum of services required, but most importantly also an organisation and technology that can demonstrate many years of experience in the implementation of digitalisation strategies. Together with thinkproject we will bring the projects from the CG Group to an entirely new level and therefore being able to guarantee even more efficient operations.”

Thomas Bachmaier, CEO thinkproject, adds: “We see again and again just how important it is for the success of a digitalisation strategy to have great support on the side of the executive management team. Many of us speak regularly of digitalisation, yet we are too busy in our daily operational activities to spend the necessary time for this most important strategic topic. We appreciate that the CG Group has quite clear priorities in this regard. The next two years will prove decisive for many companies in terms of the successful implementation of a digitalisation strategy, and also for their future competitiveness.”

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