Choosing a construction collaboration platform: Which type is right for your project?

Choosing a construction collaboration platform: Which type is right for your project?

If there is an industry in which efficient project management is essential, it is the construction industry. Choosing a construction collaboration platform that ensures efficiency throughout the chain is essential; from production to maintenance, companies must be able to work together as one. This is a complex issue as often projects require that different companies work together, at different levels and occasionally even in different countries and languages. Consider, for example, the construction of a road network or other types of cross-border infrastructure.

A continuous process of communication, document and information administration, during all phases of construction before, during and after the project, is essential in effective project management. It is also important to consider how to deal with different roles, within different companies, in different locations: cross-enterprise cooperation. Establishing the correct processes is fundamental in ensuring work is completed in the right order, industry standard procedures and practices are adhered to and that tasks are finished on time and on budget.

Which type of construction collaboration platform is best for my project?

In both multi-disciplinary and large-scale construction projects, cross-enterprise cooperation solutions are essential. What should you pay attention to when selecting such a solution? Important points to consider have been listed below.

Common Data Environment

To steer project communication in the right direction, an effective system for workflow, project management and information management is needed. Construction collaboration software including a Common Data Environment (CDE) is ideal as it provides one environment accessible to all parties involved in the project. By managing all data extracted from the various solutions within one environment, all information, documentation, communication and processes can be converted into valuable data. This data can be used to provide reports, manage the project and the organisation, and to guarantee quality and continuity. The benefit from cross-enterprise collaboration can be seen at a practical and strategic level, both now and in the long-term.


Using a cloud-based construction collaboration platform ensures that working across company boundaries is possible regardless, of the location of project participants. An excellent tool for cross-enterprise collaboration, cloud-based solutions work exceptionally well when project members are in different time zones.

Beyond cross-enterprise collaboration

Enabling cross-enterprise collaboration at a broader level to support documentary and communication lifecycle management as well as processes, ensures multiple companies can work together effectively. Bringing together all information, communication, documentation and processes for the entire project lifecycle is important - from the design phase up to and including the management phase.

Keeping your data safe

Finally, information security laws and regulations need to be considered when selecting construction collaboration platforms and meeting the requirements of the ISO 27001 certification is essential, at the very least. There are a number of location specific laws that will need to be adhered to based on the project in hand. Choosing a solution that automatically logs the activities of all users will ensure that an organisation or project can be audited easily, without requiring additional work.

Building bridges between digital and construction

Multiple construction collaboration platforms may at first sight be similar and support the same processes, but the added value for your business can vary enormously. Contact thinkproject today to discuss your requirements and let us help you connect all your project data in one place.

For more information on cross-enterprise collaboration and how thinkproject can facilitate this, read further about what cloud-based solutions we offer here.

Author: Judith Kana, thinkproject BeNeLux
Photo credit: Dakota Roos on Unsplash

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