Constructing a better world – thinkproject supports Project Wings

Constructing a better world – thinkproject supports Project Wings

With thinkproject’s 20th birthday taking place in 2020 we have been thinking about our Corporate Social Responsibility. We are excited to announce the launch of tp tomorrow, our new initiative to give back to communities across the globe.

We have previously spoken about how Hour of Code is coming to several of the thinkproject offices, and now we are pleased to announce that we will be making a Christmas donation to Project Wings to help them with their goal of reducing plastic waste.

Who are Project Wings?

Based in Germany, the non-profit Project Wings have several projects they are working on across the globe, including construction of the largest recycling village in Sumatra. By recycling littered plastic into ecobricks, they can construct huts and furniture whilst reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in our environment.

Other major projects supported by the organisation are the reforesting of old plantations and developing new nature reserves. Read more about their fantastic projects here.

We are excited to see what Project Wings do next as they tackle more environmental issues. Keep up to date with tp tomorrow by following us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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