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BIM collaboration in times of new laws, requirements and guidelines

A BIM collaboration platform is now an essential part of any major construction or engineering project. But how can teams incorporate BIM construction management into their best practice?
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Choosing a construction collaboration platform: Which type is right for your project?

In both multi-disciplinary and large-scale construction projects, cross-enterprise cooperation solutions are essential. What should you pay attention to when selecting such a solution?
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Throw away the comfort blanket and embrace digitalisation

In an age demanding high-tech, how do we throw away the 'no-tech' comfort blankets?
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The three conditions for BIM: standardise, analyse, optimise

What do you need to have in order for BIM to be successful in your organisation? To provide some clarity, we have listed three conditions for successful BIM implementation.
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BIM and NEC3 - a guide to keeping it simple

Contract management is not a process within BIM, however it’s critical that project participants have a clear understanding of the Contract Data and Works Information to manage contract processes alongside collaboratively engaging in BIM.
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What 'keep it simple' means

Keep it simple doesn’t mean simple as in basic or unsophisticated, it means cutting through the complexity to help support your objectives.
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Think event, not document

The world is going paperless, big data is building up and the internet of things is about to change our lives forever.
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Unleashing the full potential of digitalisation with Construction 4.0

Many industries are going through a new digital revolution. It can feel like the market is flooded with catchy new phrases and buzzwords, but which ones should close attention be paid to?
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Three essential ingredients for successful NEC management

NEC doesn’t work without the right culture. There has to be transparency, cooperation and a willingness to follow the contract.
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