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CEMAR Analytics - a quick tour video

Watch how thinkproject's CEMAR Analytics can save your teams valuable time.
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Top tips for securing data in your Common Data Environment

How do you ensure your data is stored and disseminated securely? Construction projects are complex, that is precisely why it is important to consider the subject of security in detail. Read our top tips for data storage and security.
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6 Biggest BIM Myths Busted

What are the 6 biggest myths surrounding BIM? Find out in our blog.
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BIM collaboration in times of new laws, requirements and guidelines

A BIM collaboration platform is now an essential part of any major construction or engineering project. But how can teams incorporate BIM construction management into their best practice?
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Choosing a construction collaboration platform: Which type is right for your project?

Several construction collaboration platforms are available for project management, but which type should you choose? Read our blog to find out.
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Throw away the comfort blanket and embrace digitalisation

In an age demanding high-tech, how do we throw away the 'no-tech' comfort blankets?
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The three conditions for BIM: Standardise, Analyse, Optimise

What do you need for successful BIM implementation in your organisation? Read more for the three conditions listed for successful BIM implementation.
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BIM and NEC3 - a guide to keeping it simple

Contract management is not a process within BIM, however it’s critical that project participants have a clear understanding of the Contract Data and Works Information to manage contract processes alongside collaboratively engaging in BIM.
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What 'keep it simple' means

Keep it simple doesn’t mean simple as in basic or unsophisticated, it means cutting through the complexity to help support your objectives.
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