thinkproject Annual Group Tech Summit 2018

thinkproject Annual Group Tech Summit 2018

November has seen the Development & Infrastructure teams across the thinkproject group uniting at the second annual Tech Summit. All teams were welcomed in Berlin, home to our biggest technology hub, in a pre-summit event that saw our staff from countries including Poland, Spain and France having some valuable time to connect.

Each of our software solutions were introduced by the teams who know them inside out, leading to opportunities to share information and collaborate on tech issues with new insights.

The two-day summit saw discussions held on various challenges facing both the industry at large, including REST-API support and V10 Integration Testing, as well as numerous workshops to get involved with. We also held a thinkproject product roadshow, showcasing our complete portfolio for the new members of the group.

This was a fantastic opportunity to learn and gain different insights, and our teams are looking forward to putting their new knowledge to practice.

Here's to Tech Summit 2019!

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