thinkproject wins tender of the Vienna Health Association

thinkproject wins tender of the Vienna Health Association

thinkproject has won the tender of the Vienna Healthcare Association for the “hospital concept 2030”, the master plan for the restructuring and development of all of Vienna's hospitals. The use of a collaboration platform is seen by the external project management as critical to the success of the implementation. In total, the investment budget comprises approx. 2.7 billion euros for a number of sub-projects. Based on qualitative and quantitative evaluations thinkproject emerged as the winner. With the range of thinkproject’s solutions all conditions are fulfilled to ensure the digital construction file including all necessary release processes can be mapped on a single platform.

In order to be able to guarantee top medicine on the highest international level, objectives were defined and an overall planning for the clinics in Vienna was set up. By 2040, all construction activities will be completed and modern structures will be created. The expertise of six clinics, bundled in three regions, will be used together with the University Clinic AKH Vienna to ensure the high quality of health care in future. The hospitals will be renovated, expanded and brought up to the latest state of the art over the next few years. The defined tasks and overall planning clearly specifies which services are to be offered in which clinic.

In addition to commercial aspects, a flexible, broadly based range of services that can be adapted to the client's requirements and allows for changes in the course of the project is decisive for thinkproject being awarded for the contract.

"We are delighted to bring our expertise as Europe’s leading provider of Construction Intelligence solutions and our 20 years of experience with digital solutions to such a significant construction project," said Gareth Burton, CEO of thinkproject.

From plan management through multi-stage workflows to cost control, thinkproject's Common Data Environment (CDE) supports the construction project in all phases and from multiple perspectives.

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