Three essential ingredients for successful NEC management

Three essential ingredients for successful NEC management

  1. Culture – NEC doesn’t work without the right culture. There has to be transparency, cooperation and a willingness to follow the contract. To do so is not aggressive, it’s collaborative. If following NEC procedure feels awkward or adversarial, then the culture is not right.
  2. Knowledge – with transactional, reactive forms of contract you can muddle through without real knowledge of what they say. You’ll survive on wit and traditional practices. Try this with NEC and you’ll be timed out or miss an important step in procedure. Knowing what you have to do is crucial. Get a copy of the contract and keep it open on the desk. Attend some formal training. Better still get the team accredited – ‘Project Manager Accreditation’ – assessed training that combines NEC and APM principles.
  3. Discipline – even the best teams can get lost in the administration. It is essential to keep single truths in collaborative registers. Keep within or beat the timescales set down by the procedures. Know what you’ve got to do and prioritise. When communicating, mirror the language of NEC, use the correct defined and identified terms and keep to the verbs used in the clauses. Be consistent and compliant. Reference clause numbers and be sure to give reasons for decisions.

The right contract management system can:

  • provide all the necessary administrative discipline, even across the largest of portfolios,
  • intuitively combine NEC process, Party specific governance and delegated actions,
  • accelerate learning of contract process and knowledge through streamlined workflows and
  • provide a collaborative setting, enabling the conditions for the right culture to prosper.

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Author: Ben Walker, thinkproject UK

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