A story of collaboration from the House of One project

Country / Region Germany
Industry Tourism & Leisure

Situated in Berlin, a unique project of historical significance has begun to take shape. In Fischerinsel where Berlin’s first church once stood a religious structure will eventually stand that houses three different religions. The structure will contain a church, a mosque and a synagogue and will be “[a place of] coexistence of religions…in great openness and appreciation of diversity (source)”.

The project has undergone significant milestones despite the foundations not scheduled to be laid until April 2020. In 2012 a global architectural competition was held, and a global fundraising campaign was launched in 2014. With the success of both the project is well underway to start construction.

We are proud to support this unique project with our CONCLUDE CDE solution being provided free of charge.

Want to know more about this project? Keep up-to-date with the progress on the House of One website, or follow our LinkedIn page.

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