Bespoke thinkproject Solution for STRABAG’s Special Request Management

Country / Region Austria
Industry Residential

In 2017 the former Kurierhaus (courier house), built in the 1920s, was demolished. Owners STRABAG Real Estate have built 103 private apartments on the lot, providing housing options for the residents of Vienna.

The new build ‘Lindengasse 48-52’ will incorporate three structures for residential housing, plus a fitness room, roof terrace and a ‘wellness base’

A main challenge for this project was finding a solution to centralise the documentation for special requests. This includes the documentation for the sale of the flats as they go onto the market.

In turn this leads to another challenge which is managing a high volume of correspondence which all needs to be documented and can be at risk of duplication or getting lost if project members are not using a data management solution.

thinkproject were able to offer a bespoke solution for STRABAG Real Estate so that they could manage documentation and correspondence from teams on the build, as well as potential buyers once the project was in its operational phase.

Benefits of using thinkproject included time and location-independent access to all project data, for all project members and stakeholders (with access rights for heightened security), as well as the QR code feature, meaning anyone on-site can use images and QR codes to highlight defects for solving in a timely manner.

Individual processes such as requests, design changes, offers and billing are structured, documented and organised on the platform according to any desired criteria. Advantages here include the transparency of cost development, the coordination of construction companies as well as the centralised location-independent documentation of all special requests of potential buyers.

Facts & Figures
• Contract value: 27 million Euros
• Total of 103 apartments
• Opening: 2019

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