Construction Defect Claim Management for mfi Immobilien

Country / Region Germany
Industry Tourism & Leisure


Wilmersdorfer Arcaden is a new shopping attraction for Berlin’s Charlottenburg/Wilmersdorf district. The shopping centre, located in one of Berlin’s traditional pedestrian areas, comprises around 100 shops over four levels. Retail development company mfi Management is responsible for all tasks relating to planning, implementation and rental, as well as ongoing centre management. HOCHTIEF Construction AG is the general contractor.


Shopping centres of this size place high demands on project management, with numerous participants and processes requiring coordination. mfi have used the online project platform for construction projects in Munich, Cologne and Düsseldorf and count on thinkproject for a successful outcome into operational and maintenance phases. An emerging need to address the coordination of tenant requests and decision-making processes soon became apparent, leading to the development of new project processes.


mfi uses the thinkproject Design Management module for two areas: project planning and tenant coordination. By creating workflows, it is possible to largely automate planning processes – from plan verification and approval through to ordering of printed reproduction.

Prospective retail tenants wanted the freedom to modify design to meet their individual requirements. Countless custom specifications and tight deadlines were involved, so an additional thinkproject module was implemented to co-ordinate tenant requests and manage the documentation of approval processes.

During the processing of construction projects, defects cannot be entirely avoided – even with the best planning and inspection practices. Rapid rectification of defects was extremely important for timely project processing, as was detailed documentation for potential cost claims. The solution was to implement an additional thinkproject module for construction defect claims.


Individual modules were tightly integrated to enable easy transfer of information and documents. mfi found that processes operated seamlessly across both modules they implemented, creating a one-stop shop for key project activities.


mfi Immobilien are the owners of Wilmersdorfer Arcaden shopping centre. The company operates as a subsidiary of Unibal-Rodamco Group, who specialise in commercial buildings and business parks.

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