Design Management Software for Hilpert Fliess

Country / Region Germany
Industry Residential


Alongside client Hilpert Fliess, Schrobsdorff Bau presents a good example of how a project platform can be gradually established in project management. thinkproject was first utilised for design management software whilst implementing a large turnkey housing construction project at Postbahnhof, Berlin.


By using the Design Management Module, designs could be filed in a structured way and immediately found again, a crucial necessity on building sites. The ability to personalise a naming convention meant the whole project team were able to adhere to this and avoid any costly errors.

Schrobsdorff Bae then implemented further processes alongside the design management, including the document management, daily construction records and defect management solutions. These were used conjunction with thinkproject’s Mobile Capture app and have proved particularly useful on complex challenges, such as the construction at Fliessstrasse 13-18, Berlin.


Because of clear improvements Schrobsdorff Bau decided to establish thinkproject as a standard solution for future projects, adopting the design management software, as well as a host of other thinkproject offerings.

We are still confident about our decision and remain open to mapping even more processes via thinkproject. We’ve already had a few ideas on this.”
- Jörg Below, Site Manager, Schrobsdorff Bau AG


Contractors Schrobsdorff Bau construct a range of turnkey construction projects, from commercial or public buildings. The company pride themselves on using cutting edge innovation, whether that is for modernising new buildings, or preservation and restoration of historic buildings.

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