Document Management for Champigny Operating Centre of the Grand Paris Express

Country / Region France
Industry Infrastructure

France are currently undertaking a huge infrastructure project: the Grand Paris Express (GPE). GPE comprises four new rapid transit lines for the Île-de-France region including 200km of new track and 68 new stations, with the aim to serve 2-million passengers daily. The Champigny Operating Centre is a milestone project phase for GPE, with the first tunnel boring machine of the Grand Paris Express started on this site. Once complete, 450 people will work in this operating centre built on more than 50,000m².

The CEM (Centre of Operation and Maintenance) Champigny build, of which Spie batignolles civil engineering are overseeing, includes work on civil engineering, roads and networks. All trains on line 15 south of the Paris metro will be maintained on this site. With a start-up scheduled for 2025, the Champigny operating centre differs from other maintenance sites by integrating a centralised command post (CCP) in addition to the rolling stock maintenance and storage site (SMR).

One of the challenges for the project is based on the diversity of the trades involved. To date these include civil engineering, enclosed space, earthworks, special foundations, metal framework, VRD, green space and buried networks. For Spie batignolles this is a main source of the complexity for the project. All these teams must be able collaborate and converge on order to complete the project successfully. 

Spie batignolles must ensure that all the documents produced by the various project participants are consistent before sending them to the prime contractor. This is to ensure that all stakeholders receive the correct input data in the latest versions. As well as this, supporting subcontractors by providing them with a global vision of the project is crucial.

By using the thinkproject platform and the Common Data Environment solution, Spie batignolles can guarantee centralised and shared document management for project information. The forecast list allows teams to define as well specify any codification. Teams have an overview of all the planned elements and can analyse any deadlines, budgetary challenges and anticipate trends in the supply chain. 

All documentation generated throughout the project life cycle will be transmitted in the validation process through the platform. Any documents submitted go through several validation stages before being either validated for distribution or returned with comments to the subcontractor. After validation of documents, they are transferred to the Electronic Document Management (EDM) client Lascom AEC for approval. Once approved, all the documents received are integrated into the thinkproject platform, which automatically alerts the parties concerned by e-mail. All exchanges, validation steps and different versions are traced within the platform.

The project has central access to project documentation for all communication, automatic alerts and the possibility of directly transferring access links to a given document, saving precious time while reducing manual actions with low added value. All the documentation converges on the platform; whatever documents are required, if it has been transmitted then it is in the thinkproject platform.

Stakeholders can access the documents produced using a set of filters. In addition to the input data, they can quickly identify what has been produced in the area in which they work. and how they are impacted. There is value int he time gained back for all teams involved as the platform can be searched before having to organise meetings for additional information.

For users unfamiliar with electronic document management, thinkproject and Spie batignolles are working together to train users and allow them to understand the benefits and operation of the platform.


“Beyond the functional scope of the platform, thinkproject support is very responsive. This support really contributed to the use of the solution in the field."

“The platform is quite accomplished, intuitive. This is now part of my morning reflexes: I open my email box, then I launch the thinkproject platform."

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