£7m Elmbridge Court Roundabout improvements delivered with our contract management system

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Industry Government

The Project

thinkproject's CEMAR NEC3 TSC module was implemented for the completed £7m Elmbridge Court Roundabout improvements, which were delivered ahead of schedule. The TSC Contract is also being used to manage the change of Gloucestershire’s stock of 10,000 street lights, to new energy efficient LED bulbs. Other projects managed with the CEMAR software include; the Gloucester South West Bypass and the Gloucester Quays linkages.

The Outcome

The CEMAR platform has delivered significant cashable savings (£80,000 Gershon Saving on one scheme) and substantial added value including consistent, compliant, accessible and auditable correspondence.

The Client

Gloucestershire County Council (GCC), have been using CEMAR since 2010 for the administration of their NEC Contracts across local government services for the county of Gloucestershire. To date over 13,000 communications have been administered across their portfolio of works via a range of NEC3 contracts and payment options.


The use of CEMAR assisted in 96% of all compensation events implemented within the contractual period. 
 Capital Programme Manager, Gloucestershire County Council

As Project Manager the main advantage to me is the added value element of being able to have ‘real time’ information instantly available. In effect this adds significantly to the management of the project as it facilitates more frequent interrogation of the progress of the compensation events, thus enabling positive actions to make sure that contractual time scales are maintained.
Project Manager, formerly of Halcrow

I have now used CEMAR for several years and found the software extremely user friendly. As a web based product the toolkit can be used at any location with an internet connection. This is fantastic and so useful to track your projects when you are off site. The CEMAR support team have provided excellent support and are prepared to consider bespoke changes to the software to suit specific project requirements. An excellent product for administering NEC projects.
Principal Engineer / Project Manager, Gloucestershire Highways

Reference: Imagery source; ©Gloucestershire County Council

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