NEC3 Term Service and Engineering Construction Contracts with RWE Generation

Country / Region UK
Industry Energy & Water

In 2017, RWE Generation UK selected thinkproject's CEMAR software to initially administer their site services and maintenance contracts, mainly using the NEC3 Term Service Contract. The usage of the CEMAR tool has since been deployed across their fleet of UK Power Stations, including Aberthaw, a coal-fired power plant located in Wales in the UK and with a capacity of around 1,560 MW, which can generate enough power to meet the needs of 1.5 million households.

RWE Generation runs one of the largest flexible power plant portfolios in Europe. Based in Germany, the company provides energy to millions of customers, principally in Europe, with a total capacity of around 25 gigawatts. Under the umbrella of the RWE Group, RWE Generation UK operates coal, natural gas, biomass and hydroelectric sites.

“CEMAR has been able to track all project related communication, sending out a clear message to all users to act in the ‘spirit of mutual trust and co-operation’. Consequently, it has improved the collaboration between the RWE on-site engineers and suppliers of services, which in turn has delivered notable savings, in terms of time and cost.

As we continue to embrace the product, the company intends to work closely with CEMAR to further develop a seamless and efficient end-to-end business workflow”
Steve Hartley, Business Strategy Commercial Manager

Image courtesy of RWE Generation

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