Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Hospital takes on digitalisation challenge

Country / Region Spain
Industry Healthcare

A hospital at the forefront of women and children's care

Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Hospital (HSJD) is a private non-profit institution belonging to the Order of St. John of God with more than 300 care centres worldwide.

It is dedicated exclusively to the care of women, children and adolescents and is one of the most important mother and child centres in Europe for its high complexity activity.


The HSJD Barcelona has selected thinkproject for the management of information and communications in the expansion and reform projects carried out in different areas of the hospital, given the versatility of the platform to adapt to any type and complexity of project. Since 2018, several projects have been managed with the collaboration platform tpCDE, among which we highlight:

New surgical block: These are the first paediatric operating rooms in Spain to incorporate an MRI, a CT scan and a hybrid arch. The surgical block has a surface area of 2,200 m2, more than double the previous one (800 m2), has eight operating rooms and a ten-bed resuscitation room.

Neonatal Unit: The new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit has grown from 38 beds to 44 beds distributed in 32 wards, the great majority of which are individual, with a bed and personal space for companions. The expansion has meant going from 800 m2 to 2000 m2.

For this last project, whose opening in tpCDE has coincided with the 20th anniversary of thinkproject, the Technological Group has decided to offer the use of its platform at no cost to the project team, in appreciation of the effort made by this important non-profit institution, and as part of thinkproject’s commitment to CSR.


All the reforms carried out in the different areas have been done with the hospital in operation, which has involved a great deal of work in organising and reorganising the flow of patients to ensure the quality of the service offered.

In addition, carrying out different reform and expansion projects simultaneously within the hospital, and each one of them with a high number of companies involved, has highlighted the need for a platform where all information and communications are managed in a centralised way.


thinkproject has created a totally personalised template for the different HSJD projects, thus facilitating the work of the different teams involved.

One of the main objectives of the project was to facilitate access to information in real time to all participants, as well as possible revisions or updated versions of the documents.

To this end, orderly and transparent management of the information has been carried out through different modules within the project; Management of work documents, Equipment and start-up, Management of communications, and Checking of the latest version through the QR Code.

Having all the information well-structured and organised has allowed all the teams involved in the projects to always have access to all the documentation updated in a fast and transparent way.


The use of thinkproject's tpCDE platform has improved collaboration between the teams working on the different HSJD projects and has also facilitated their work by making all the necessary documentation available to them, always up to date and from a single source of information, avoiding the possibility of making mistakes and shortening deadlines related to the exchange and review of information.


"With the adoption of the thinkproject tpCDE platform, a process of progressive, growing and irreversible digital transformation has begun that sees its first fruits in the conclusion of projects such as the neonatal area of the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu and whose future lies in the adoption of new processes and functionalities that will be adopted in future projects" Andrea Cascio of the Technical Office of the HSJD.

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