United Utilities Water Framework Adopts Contract Management Solution

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Industry Energy & Water

The Project
United Utilities are investing in building a new process to replace ageing assets on-site, and to enhance the quality of final effluent it produces. At Blackburn, the upgraded process consists of a new Nereda plant (which at 72,000m³ is the largest in Europe), tertiary filtration, UV and a connecting inlet and outfall pipeline.

At Nabs Head, a new 20,000m³ storm storage tank, pumping station and pre-treatment process is also being built, with an additional storm storage and a new 2km pipeline through Blackburn, transferring flows onward to Blackburn Wastewater Treatment Works (WwTW) for treatment.

thinkproject is providing contract management administration to facilitate the implementation of a suite of NEC3 contracts, including Term Service and Engineering Construction contracts, via the CEMAR contract management solution. The programme will continually improve local communities, both in terms of household savings and improved environments to live in.

Project Information
Blackburn WwTW is United Utilities’ sixth largest treatment works, with a population equivalent of 250,000. Further, Darwen WwTW has a population equivalent of 31,000. The existing structures were both built in the 1960s, however parts of the works date back to the mid-1800s.

The site consists of inlet works; storm storage; primary settlement tanks; trickling filters; and final tanks. In addition, Blackburn WwTW has tertiary BAFF and UV treatment and a dedicated pre-treatment plant for the adjacent AB Inbev Brewery. Blackburn WwTW is also a sludge processing plant for the local area, with sludge thickening, enhanced enzymic hydrolysis pre-treatment, digestion, and CHP engines for power generation.

Both Blackburn and Darwen treatment works discharge final and storm effluent to watercourses that are tributaries of the River Darwen, ultimately flowing onwards to the bathing waters of the Fylde coast. United Utilities are working with both the Environment Agency and OFWAT to enhance the environment by improving the river and bathing water quality.

The Client
United Utilities supply water for over 3 million homes and businesses within North West England. Their services include water supplies for customers, as well as maintaining water treatment plants, sewers, pumping stations and reservoirs. The company is also dedicated to improving local communities and the environment and have their own Youth Programme to help young people start their careers.

Image courtesy of United Utilities

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