BIM Collaboration Platform

BIM Collaboration Platform

BIM is booming

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is now the central collaborative process for all major infrastructure and building projects. Data must be harnessed in all its forms and collated in a central collaborative space which creates value in its aggregation. BIM is greater than the sum of its parts.

Collaborative project teams must exchange design information through models and related data in a structured way, enabling transparent and efficient coordination of changes and approvals while proactively identifying value for the whole life cycle cost of built assets.

BIM is increasingly essential for many tenders. With people creating masses of BIM-related data, effective collaboration is critical for the successful use of BIM within project teams. BIM management systems can have a profound effect on the way projects are planned, managed and executed, resulting in increased project efficiency and less errors made.

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All your project data in one place

Our market-leading BIM solution stores, manages and distributes data while delivering meaningful project insights. Increasingly accurate and high-quality BIM data can be collated to produce a detailed archive of all project information. Models are linked to associated drawings and documents, accessed via complementary thinkproject applications.

We understand BIM as a process and our solutions are designed to support effective BIM management, coordination, model checking, 4D simulation and analysis, and reporting across multi-disciplinary teams. Teams also benefit from tailored views of their projects, from full-access for daily users to custom functionality for project partners.

As part of a cloud-based construction intelligence platform, each of our solutions are easily integrated via an open interface into any existing BIM IT environment and can also be connected to your BIM authoring and analysis software.

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BIM management with DESITE BIM

Our open platform for BIM management, DESITE BIM, offers many functions for the visualisation, checking, evaluation and extension of models. It fosters project collaboration by making BIM accessible and achievable for every project stakeholder, enhancing transparency and aiding decision making.

DESITE BIM facilitates access to project information by connecting data to create a building information model optimally adapted to the roles of individual users.


Optimum results with CONCLUDE CDE

Our web-based CONCLUDE CDE software supports Open BIM to enable the open exchange of building models. All team members can work in their preferred CAD environment for ease of use, and the flexible workflows brings crucial structure to the project’s planning processes. With CONCLUDE CDE teams can jointly deliver optimum results for BIM, alongside using other modules in the common data environment platform.

  • The decision for consistent BIM implementation was above all characterised by the expectation of decisive progress towards the implementation of construction standards, the improvement of planning quality, public participation and the transfer of digital data over to operations.In addition to the advantages of the construction component library and the visualisation functionality of BIM, it also fosters improved collaboration between project participants through the usage of mutual project communication platform.

    DB Station&Service AG, Head of Principles/Construction Technology

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