Common Data Environment

Common Data Environment

Projects produce vast quantities of data

In construction, information comes in a variety of different forms such as drawings, documents, lists and BIM models. It’s also gathered through transactions, or other communication channels, and can be categorised by adding metadata. Project teams need a solution that is able to deal with all of these types of information and connect it in a way that unlocks additional value by providing a complete picture.

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Facilitate collaboration to avoid duplication and errors

For a project to succeed, it needs a single source of truth where all information is collected, managed and distributed; a Common Data Environment (CDE). This enables teams to connect through processes, information and systems and provides a cross-functional, collaborative model supporting the entire lifecycle of the project.

Our CDE products are the single source of information for your project. They are used to collect, manage and disseminate all project information, whether created in a BIM environment or in more conventional types such as documents, drawings, photos and the like.

thinkproject has three CDE offerings: tpCDE and CONCLUDE CDE for construction projects, and EPLASS CDE specifically for rail, road and infrastructure projects.

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What do each of our CDEs offer you? Find out more below.

The single source of truth

tpCDE is the single source of information for your project. It is used to collect, manage and disseminate all project information, whether created in a BIM environment or in more conventional types such as documents, drawings, photos and similar.

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Efficient control for rail, road and infrastructure

EPLASS CDE integrates automatic schedule management, data management and reporting for rail, road and infrastructure projects. It allows the efficient control, coordination and processing of projects of any dimensions from anywhere, at any time, using any device.


Manage complex processes with a platform configured to your requirements, improving your business processes with standardisation to keep project information in one central, secure place.

Optimise your business processes

EPLASS CDE focusses on workflows to guarantee traceability of drawings and documents to provide comprehensive review and approval processes. With a high level of automation and designed to your project’s requirements, the system:

  • Makes time management easy with an overview of the schedule and comprehensive report.
  • Leaves original documents untouched by placing a layer over each one which is saved separately with the applied redlining.
  • Gives access to the most recent version of an uploaded document or drawing and details its history.
  • Provides intelligence to your document structure with coding to make filing easy.
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Tamper-proof redlinings and auditability

With EPLASS CDE, complex review processes are made easy. Multiple reviewers can conduct parallel editing resulting in a single, layered redlined document for final approval.

A digital signature can be mapped onto the verified document without the need for local download. The original document remains unchanged so edits can be traced through each individually saved version of the document, benefitting legal security.

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Serving smart solutions

CONCLUDE CDE ensures greater quality, transparency and up-to-the-minute accuracy of data at all stages of the project cycle. The Cost Control module and BIM capability provides visibility of cost impacts when working collaboratively.


So what do all our CDEs have in common?

    • Completeness and transparency with audit-proof documentation which is easily traceable and accessible.
    • Industry and solutions experts with decades of proficiency in construction engineering and architecture provide guidance and support in the rollout of your collaborative processes.
  • thinkproject has greatly facilitated the necessary traceability on a project with such an excessive documentation load. We have managed to reliably control our exchanges of documentation with clients and subcontractors, as well as the flow of productive communications between the different areas involved.

    Document Controller, Tedagua

  • EPLASS was helping us to optimise the coordination of the planning and to fasten the approvals. It was definitely a key to master all the complex challenges of an inner-city grand project.

    Project Manager, Construction Supervision, Gruempen Viaduct

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