An unparalleled platform solution for all stages of your project cycle

CONCLUDE CDE is a leading SaaS solution that ensures greater quality, transparency and up-to-the-minute accuracy of data for AEC projects.

Since 2002, CONCLUDE’s Common Data Environment platform has supported 100,000 customers on more than 2000 projects, totalling €300 billion of works in 38 countries and 13 different languages.

CONCLUDE CDE is also home to our budget and forecasting tool: tpCONTROL.

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This unique, modular platform is 100% web-based to ensure it is available when you need it and provides multi-user support, even on multiple projects. Each module can be selected to fit the requirements of any project and will be seamlessly integrated with full support from our dedicated team.

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Special protection of your data

The protection and security of your data is always top priority with CONCLUDE CDE. The system servers, on which the platform is hosted, are accommodated in two highly secure data centres in Germany. Both are equipped with modern gas extinguishing systems, several physically separated fire compartments, modern access protection and a redundant internet connection.

All components of the CONCLUDE CDE Platform are backed up, i.e. they are redundant. Both our primary data centre KAMP Netzwerkdienste in Oberhausen and our backup data centre myLoc managed IT in Düsseldorf are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

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Encrypted access only

The access to the CONCLUDE CDE solutions is encrypted and you can even additionally protect your data by assigning access rights. The fine-grained rights system also lets you isolate individual areas within the system for several users and groups. Passwords are stored in the databases using the SHA-512 hashing algorithm; nobody, and that includes administrators, can access the plain text of the passwords. The servers of our systems are operated 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. The availability of software, server, connection and thus of your data is at least 99.8% on an annual average

In addition, CONCLUDE CDE regularly undergoes penetration tests – that also include the external and internal security of the systems – by objective, independent service providers. Customers such as the European Central Bank and Deutsche Bank conducted such tests themselves or had them performed by third parties. The result: CONCLUDE CDE passed all tests with distinction.