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Project Lifecycle Management

A bespoke, efficient project lifecycle management solution for your major projects

Consistent project lifecycle management brings clarity to any project, including large scale construction and engineering works. For teams that want to dive deeper into the analysis of their builds, a PLM will ensure all the data you need is in one place, and accessible even after your projects are completed.

tpPLM handles complex and ever-changing project data to bring teams a full and robust picture of a project from beginning to end.

Project lifecycle management on site

Structured around managing the lifecycle of projects, PLMs can ultimately save time and cost, optimise operations and maintain important risk control throughout.

Added value for engineering and construction

It is common knowledge that 75% of building costs are incurred during maintenance phases, making it essential to have accurate and up-to-date data that can be reported back to project teams and stakeholders. The importance of staying in control of your data can build valuable trust within the industry, as well as leading to natural evolution and innovation for your future projects

Our tpPLM platform works seamlessly as an electronic document management system to generate value in several ways.


Continuity through the lifecycle of your engineering project

Our PLM (Plant or Project) technology offers a bespoke and unique approach that is optimised for teams working in the engineering and construction sector. Lead the way on the management and consolidation of valuable data, and bring clarity to project teams, their supply chain and important stakeholders.


Delivering an all-encompassing view of your projects

tpPLM manages, consolidates and makes it possible to capitalise on the data repository over the entire lifecycle of a project, delivering an all-encompassing view of the project. By structuring around the individual stages of the project lifecycle, our project lifecycle management system helps cut down project completion time and optimise operations and changes in industrial and public utilities infrastructures, whilst maintaining risk control.

By consolidating project data over their lifecycles, this gives companies the keys they need to optimise their businesses: consistency of working methods, more efficient data management and ease of collaboration.


Clear value project lifecycle management brings

Compared to standard document management tools, as a project lifecycle management solution, tpPLM generates added value in many ways. The system assists in improving profitability of projects as well as their operating flexibility imperatives by developing your company’s ability to evolve, adapt and innovate project management methods. Read our features and benefits below to learn more.

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Features and Benefits

  • Features

    • Watch your information evolve over time and become more accurate in your processes and reporting
    • Bespoke defined rules to enable confident automation of document flows
    • Ensure confidentiality across projects with multiple teams and security levels
    • Distinction between content and containers, enabling management of the lifecycles of all types of objects.
    • Integration with BIM to formalise and ease data exchange via a digital BIM template with links to all project data
    • Documentation and BOM (Bills of Materials) management to link data together and organise it in tree structures corresponding to business role views.
  • Benefits

    • Continued use of the tpPLM database right through to the maintenance phase of any project
    • Maintain a single source of truth which can be referenced multiple times without the worry of duplication
    • Robust security with each team member or external client only able to access information in tpPLM that concerns them.
    • Oneness of information to maintain a single version of the truth, which can be referenced several times without duplication.
    • In-company and inter-company collaboration with confidentiality adapted to multi-company projects. Each provider company can access only the information which concerns it.
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