The single source of truth

tpCDE is the single source of information for your project. It is used to collect, manage and disseminate all project information, whether created in a BIM environment or in more conventional types such as documents, drawings, photos and similar.

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tpCDE at a glance

    • Flexibility through configuration of off-the-shelf solutions as well as custom configuration implemented by in-house experts.
    • Scalability to meet the demands of small, individual projects as well as large enterprises requiring multi-project management and company-wide standards.
    • Completeness and transparency with audit-proof documentation which is easily traceable and accessible.
    • Industry and solutions experts with decades of proficiency in construction engineering and architecture provide guidance and support in the rollout of your collaborative processes.
    • Standard compliance to industry requirements for a BIM-enabled CDE according to PAS 1192-2 and ISO 19650.
    • High-level data security with ISO 27001-certified cloud infrastructure hosted in Germany, trusted by general contractors, public and private sector owners and project developers amongst others.

Straightforward information and BIM management

tpCDE makes information input, use and distribution simple with:

  • Online forms for information entry to ensure completeness and accuracy.
  • Project-specific workflows which are adapted easily to support all types of review, approval or distribution processes.
  • A PDF service which allows you to transfer information contained within the common data environment (status, date, document number) and mark up PDF documents.
  • Information linking and combination to create unique insights into your projects, such as combining different partial models into coordination models or linking drawings to models.
  • Easy information re-use and processing in the form of issue coordination with tickets.

Smart filing and searching in a central cloud

Achieve highly-structured document management with tpCDE:

  • All information, including attributes, files and dates, is bound and stored in a document container.
  • Dynamic filters and extended search options allow searching for all kinds of information.
  • Files can be coded to avoid entering individual attributes manually.
  • Filters show the latest information only so the complete history remains stored and can be recalled at any time.
tpCDE tender management

Mobile technologies connect the office and construction site

Our mobile applications thinkproject PHOTO and thinkproject QUALITY for iOS and Android allow you to connect to the tpCDE on-site. Capture information and pictures or use for other functions such as checking the status of a defect directly on-site. The apps can be used offline and the information is synchronised as soon as you are back online.

Our Mobile Version Check allows you to find out if printed documents are still up to date with QR-Codes printed directly onto the document which are scanned with your mobile device to display the result of the status check.

tpCDE mobile app

Visual display of information enables monitoring and reporting

  • Our integrated viewer allows you to look at drawings and compare versions to observe changes. BIM models can also be displayed and navigated via a web viewer.
  • Traffic light statuses are displayed for easy progress tracking and awareness of early warnings.
  • Any project information can be displayed in diagrams and graphs via an integrated reporting engine.
  • Reports and charts can be directly downloaded and even subscribed to by email to save you time when generating reports.
tpCDE defect management

Integrate into your existing IT landscape

  • Our open interface (Rest API) allows you to connect software from other providers to tpCDE for dynamic information management exchange in your connected IT ecosystem.
  • Deeplinks allow for specific information maintained within tpCDE to be displayed within your other software tools.
  • OutlookConnect, DesktopConnect and SolibriConnect bridge the gap between users’ personal workspaces and tpCDE to streamline adoption of the platform into their daily work.
  • User authentication and authorisation can also be integrated with your inhouse infrastructure to streamline the login process for users.
tpCDE photos