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Our BIM management application, DESITE BIM, offers many functions for the visualisation, checking, evaluation and extension of models. It fosters project collaboration by making BIM accessible and achievable for every project stakeholder, enhancing transparency and aiding decision making.

DESITE BIM facilitates access to project information by connecting data to create a building information model optimally adapted to the roles of individual users.

As well as DESITE BIM, thinkproject also has an extensive BIM Collaboration Platform.

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DESITE BIM at a glance

Which DESITE BIM tools can you add to your portfolio? 

Find out more below about: DESITE md, DESITE custom, DESITE share, DESITE touch and our pro options.

Manage BIM practices intuitively

DESITE md (manage data) supports your daily work with building models, providing access to the information of the model in a simple way to improve collaboration between project participants.

Run rule-based tests and determine quantities from 3D models to create 4D simulations. With DESITE md you can visualise, expand and analyse right from the beginning of a project.

Providing a professional view of the project, model versions and be compared and contrasted, as well as being linked to events in a schedule. The connection to the database is flexible by design and can be used for any task.

DESITE screenshot

Features of DESITE md

DESITE md's capability to support a range of formats and export options make it that much easier to manage all your data. The tool supports the open data format BCF (Building Collaboration Format) which can improve the cooperation between the project participants based on the building model. 

DESITE md also supports the formats: 3DS, OBJ, DWG, DXF, DWF / x, VRML, IFC 2x3, IFC 4, LandXML and CPI XML. Information can also be exported to Excel or CSV so you can easily process information from the 3D model in an Excel table. Project teams can also merge several sub-models into one coordination model, and export those into CPIXML or IFC. 

For synchronisation with Autodesk Revit, we also provide a plugin that transfers the data from the DESITE database to a Revit project.

      • More than 25 different import and 10 export formats
      • 4D simulations, scheduling and controlling
      • Model integration and information management
      • Core functionality including navigation, clipping, redlining and forms
      • Quantity take-off
      • Model server integration

    Delve deeper with our pro option

    Ready to manage even more data? We also offer a pro option for DESITE md.

    As well as offering all the above features, DESITE md pro contains the modules Clash Detection, Model Check and Collision Control. With the Model Check module, you can use your own rules to check whether your models are modelled correctly and completely. The collision check detects collisions between the trades before they interfere with the construction process. With DESITE md pro, you ensure the quality of your models - simply and flexibly.

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    A streamlined view of your BIM models

    DESITE custom is a simplified variant of DESITE BIM to make it even easier to access models and the information stored in them. It implements BIM in a practical way, with the aim of making information about the building available to as many participants as possible.

    All user groups have direct, easy access to the individually important views and information in the model, as well as the project structure and the selection quantities that are available. The 4D simulation can be played and the module ‘forms’ is included. With this module, user-defined dialogues can be created quickly and easily.

    DESITE screenshot
      • Open coordination models, viewpoints in BCF
      • Core functionalities like navigation, clipping, redlining and selection sets
      • 4D simulations, scheduling and controlling
      • Model Server Integration

    The viewer for 3D building models

    DESITE share allows interactive navigation in the model. You can call up saved viewpoints and share your 3D models with your customers, offering unparalleled transparency for project teams.

    • Can open DESITE md projects, CPIXML and IFC files (only one single project file at once).
    • Supports the BCF standard for the exchange of viewpoints.
    • Core functionality including navigation, clipping and redlining

    DESITE share is also available as DESITE share pro for even more in-depth access into your 3D building models, read on for more information!

    DESITE Screenshot

    Ready to become a pro?

    DESITE share is also available as DESITE share pro for further in-depth access into your 3D building models.

    • All features of DESITE share
    • Import of all known formats as DESITE md
    • Open more than one project file at once
    • View the project structure, bill of quantities and 4D simulations
    • Select and filer objects and view their properties
    DESITE share screenshot

    Access models via Windows tablets

    With DESITE touch, your model is readily available through any Windows tablet, giving you instant access whether you are on-site or in the office. The graphical user interface of the application is designed for operation with gestures.

    With the module forms any application can be implemented and optimally adapted to the operation without using a mouse and keyboard, making it perfect for use on-the-go!

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