Insights & Integration

Insights & Integration

Make your business intelligent

Construction projects are complicated, often with several organisations in multiple countries involved. We believe the way to solve this ever-increasing complexity is to generate more structured and robust processes, reducing the likelihood of issues and enabling better decision making throughout the project.

Our system enables you to create project excellence and learn from past events. With our secure, powerful reporting and insights capabilities there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Adopt one of our tried and tested processes to ensure information flows seamlessly between standardised schemes and workflows. Whether you’re a project manager or commercial director, we put our user experience first to provide insights to help you do your job. Interactive analytics including rich visualisations and dashboards transform data reporting into data management.

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Connect your data and collaborate on the go

Sometimes working on large schemes involves connecting a series of isolated solutions. Shape your project management systems to connect all involved, linking on-site work steps (like defect management) to the backend workflows or viewing latest documents and building models with the workforce. To support seamless implementation with existing IT landscapes, thinkproject provides three levels of integration, including the latest API technology. Optimise project productivity with the use of dedicated mobile apps, which provide access from anywhere to the works information.

At thinkproject we are passionate about strengthening standards for the good of others, enabling construction intelligence and driving industry results to help people within it. Stay up to date with GDPR compliance and challenge your suppliers with lessons learned as you analyse your projects and turn your construction data into construction intelligence.

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  • thinkproject has greatly facilitated the necessary traceability on a project with such an excessive documentation load. We have managed to reliably control our exchanges of documentation with clients and subcontractors, as well as the flow of productive communications between the different areas involved.

    Document Controller, Tedagua

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