Managed Services

Managed Services

Ease the administration of project documentation

The amount of documentation needed to bring a construction project to completion can become overwhelming. With digitalisation providing the industry with new tools of the trade, the documentation that goes with it is looking to become even more thorough.

Clients are now expecting projects to incorporate many modern techniques such as BIM, leading to more administrative duties for teams. All project members want to be able to offer the best for their client, but if this comes at a cost of sacrificing time and driving up costs, how feasible can this be?

PLANCONNECT managed services

Drive consistency, reliability and control

The most successful projects work with a managed services provider to automate their admin. Our system is built on the foundation of consistent document management. From our up-to-date versioning of documents, to visual controlling, the information will always be the single version of truth.

Our dedicated team ensures that project participants can collaborate together centrally, improving communication and driving project success throughout the construction lifecycle.

Built by industry professionals, our service is built with real projects in mind, making the increasingly large volume of project documents more simple to manage.

PLANCONNECT managed services

To make all documents and drawings always available in high quality, we provide highly efficient services for all project participants. Our PLANCONNECT managed services is the best-in-class solution for document and drawing management, offering process consulting including formal visual verification of all incoming items. Simply send us your project documents and we’ll take care of the rest.

PLANCONNECT managed service at a glance

  • We provide a service which centrally holds, sorts, distributes and, after project completion, archives or continues to maintain the documentation as a long-term archive.
  • Plans are sorted into categories and assigned specific document names within the project-defined structure.
  • The system automatically distributes documents and coordinates the on-time delivery of paper copies, cutting reproduction and shipping expenses.
  • Reduce communication and document coordination costs to streamline your project and give back time to your project professionals.
PLANCONNECT system welcome screen

Plan management made simple

PLANCONNECT managed service optimises your project data and plan management and guarantees access to all data via an accessible online platform. With this, the central administration of you project data is professionally coordinated by our dedicated and personal project team.

With an integrated plan management mobile app, you can synchronise and display all documents from anywhere, with the option to save individual documents or entire folders so you can access your documents offline.

PLANCONNECT managed service plan display

Flexible event and defect management

With PLANCONNECT defect management, defects can be conveniently recorded, tracked and completely documented. Each defect and the resulting measures are stored invariably with automatic distribution to the responsible parties, sent with system-specifically generated VOB-compliant cover letters.

Defects can be captured by submission as well as with mobile devices, and can even be queued for upload when offline. Each defect and its state is directly accessible to all project participants for overview and comprehensive evaluation.

PLANCONNECT system filing tablet view

Digitalise your project with a comprehensive archive

Our team takes care of the transfer of paper archives into a digital long-term archive, consolidating and reconciling your project data and documentation. Over the course of the project, all planning runs as well as the input and output of all documents is recorded. This allows you to accurately track project steps in detail at any time.

By setting up a project-specific filing structure, PLANCONNECT managed service makes keyword searching easy as all data is classified and accessible, and documents are available to view without having to download.

PLANCONNECT system document filing structure screenshot
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