Document Management System

Document Management System

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Design and construction activities are becoming increasingly data-centric. Construction projects frequently involve the creation, update, control and retention of thousands of different files, often shared over a period of months, and sometimes years, across multi-company project teams.

The sheer volume of items makes control challenging and reliance on filing cabinets full of paperwork and plans can delay progress. Even electronic communication and storage systems can rarely be efficiently searched. This can make review and approval processes difficult to manage, particularly as working on out-dated and poorly co-ordinated information is a major cause of errors, duplication and rework.

Document management plans

A single source of truth

Creating a secure, shared central repository of information is fundamental to good practice and the compliant delivery of construction projects.

Designed and continually developed since 2000 as a construction intelligence platform, our cloud-based document management system caters for the most complex engineering projects. It generates a single source of truth which is accessible to all authorised project participants to find the most accurate and up-to-date versions of key documentation. As nothing can be deleted or overwritten, a detailed audit trail is created, therefore enhancing transparency and reducing the potential of disputes.

As well as sophisticated document management, we offer full end to end project lifecycle management.

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tpPLM (Project Lifecycle Management) helps engineering firms, manufacturing plants and utility providers more effectively manage complex engineering projects resulting in lower costs, faster project cycles, increased management visibility and reduced overall project risks.

With this efficient project lifecycle management tool, information is uniquely organised, managed and inter-relates with a wide range of other product information in a central information repository. It allows access to consolidated technical information at any time which is structured and orchestrates information flow.

  • thinkproject is a platform for quick and easy distribution, review and control of large volumes of documentation.

    Project Coordinator, Ayesa, Miguillas Hydroelectricity Power Plants (ENDE)

  • thinkproject helped make project workflows completely waterproof AND audit-proof.

    Head Project Leader, STRABAG

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