Project Services

Project Services

The construction industry has been slow to adopt digital technology to enhance effective working. We provide a high level of training and support for any of the software we provide to help you apply construction intelligence throughout your projects.

We’re closing the gap

Digitalisation in the construction industry is receiving a lot of attention around the world. The increasing volume and speed of information in complex international projects requires the continuous assurance of the quality and distribution of data and documents.

It’s important that employees, users and stakeholders are enabled to use the latest technologies and processes, such as BIM. High-level training and quality support is essential. Often, experienced specialists are in great demand and can be hard to find. At thinkproject, we understand construction-specific processes and can offer the support and guidance needed for the successful implementation of a construction intelligence platform. We have the construction and IT expertise that you need gleaned from the experience of thousands of projects.

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Develop a strategy for digital transformation

Based on best practice solutions, our experts configure individual solutions to your exacting requirements and support your project-specific systems throughout the project lifecycle, from planning to execution and operation on an international scale. We take on the admin to ensure your project completeness.

Combining strategic and practical expertise, our team can help prepare and support internal rollout, populating the platform with the data and documentation critical to each project’s success. Customised training sessions, plus ongoing support available online and over the phone, are part of our bespoke consultancy service.

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  • We saved more than 280,000€ with the project services (from planConnect) on a 51m€ construction project with over 28,000 documents and more than 5,000 rejected plan documents.

    BAM construction company for project HZD

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