Document and Drawing Management System for Eyemaxx

País / Región Austria
Sector Residencial


The Kirchenplatz Apartments project contains three buildings with 24 freehold and investment apartments. The apartments provide between 45 and 130 square meters of space and have either a private garden including a terrace or a balcony, with parking spaces (underground and street level) and communal green spaces.


Eyemaxx previously worked with an Explorer folder-structure and the Outlook e-mail to organise projects, which was not viable for the tasks at hand. By working separately in both systems, it was not easy to maintain an overview and transparency of the entire project communication. Having the two systems runs the risk of duplicates and out-of-date documents.

They also had various company locations that needed to be merged digitally, which could lead to an extremely admin-heavy task with manually filing documents away digitally in the correct folder structure.


With thinkproject, the client was able to utilise the drawing and document management into one platform, with information being provided in real-time and benefitting all office locations and enabling them to stay up to date. The customisable numbering and naming convention made a potentially admin-heavy task more manageable within the drawing management software.

In addition, the thinkproject photo app was also used on-site to relay information to project teams accurately, which was then stored securely within the drawing management system.


Eyemaxx now have access to all project data at any time and place, securely held within thinkproject, with all project teams documenting their successes in the system. They have implemented a standardised document structure across all offices and teams, ensuring errors are kept to a minimum.


Eyemaxx Real Estate Group have been operating in the Germany and Austria housing market for over 20 years, specialising in residential and student properties, hotels and serviced apartments, and more.

Facts & Figures

  • 2.060 m2 net area
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