The Saint John Safe Clean Drinking Water Project (SCDWP)

País / Región Canada
Sector Energía y agua

The Saint John Safe Clean Drinking Water Project (SCDWP) includes the construction of a new drinking water facility, and improvements to the existing water transmission system, for the largest city in the province of New Brunswick. With a capacity of 75 million litres per day, it will supply clean water to the 70,000 inhabitants of Saint John.

With a project this complex, the engineering, management and organisation all needed to facilitate and speed-up implementation. The large number of companies participating in the project also makes information distribution and collaboration between teams liable to become more complicated.

The companies participating in the project are responsible for the final design of construction, civil works, supply of equipment, installation, testing and commissioning of the plant. More than 200 users have been working in think project!’s platform for this project- with thousands of documents uploaded.

In order to centralise the organisation of a project of this magnitude, the group formed by these companies implemented the think project! platform.

The SCDWP Project was selected as the winner of the Silver Award for the Best Canadian PPP Project, and won the 2018 prize for ‘Best Project of the Year in 2018’ by the Water and Wastewater Association of Atlantic Canada.

Facts & Figures (Project)

  • Storage capacity: 33-million liters
  • Capacity: 75,000 m3/d
  • High quality drinking water supplied to 70,000 Saint John’s population
  • Improvement to the existing distribution disinfection and pumping systems, replacement of 20 km of piping and 10 km of pipe rehabilitation
  • Estimated volume of the project: 250-million euros


  • Coordination and exchange of information between teams
  • Management of large volumes of documentation

Results achieved

  • More than 3.000 documents
  • More than 1.500 drawings
  • More than 1.000 construction documents
  • More than 1.000 as built
  • More than 400 material approval
  • Agility in reviewing and proofreading
  • Control and transparent structuring information
  • Adequate distribution of documentation
  • Collaboration between different companies in a single platform

Used modules & services

  • Document Management
  • Design Management
  • Material Approval module
  • Request for Information module

Project type

- PPP Project


- City of Saint John

Customer (for thinkproject)

- Acciona

Images courtesy of ©Acciona

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