Uniformed Document Management Ensures Safety at Hasselt Fire Station

País / Región Bélgica
Sector Gubernamental

Fire stations have many regulations to keep them safe and secure. For the construction of the new fire station in Hasselt, Belgium, stakeholders established a temporary organisation, consisting of construction companies Democo, Kumpen and STRABAG, who together have successfully collaborated on this new build.

This build is the perfect example of a project with employees of several companies who need to be able to work together – not to mention stakeholders like architects and the client who need regular, clear and concise updated on the new build.

As three separate companies coming together it was necessary that transparency was a major factor for the project, as well as reducing and streamlining the amount of emails surrounding it. The thinkproject platform was put in place to put this collaboration on the right track.

thinkproject was used as a means for document sharing and approval workflows – processes that used to be handled via paper, email, and via online file sharing websites; encouraging the insecurities about whether everyone effectively received the information required.

Using thinkproject as a document sharing platform provides unambiguity and uniformity, making sure that all stakeholders have the latest and correct document version.

At the start, plans for cooling, ventilation and the electricity grid were not final. During construction, new plans were continuously being added through thinkproject, after which all stakeholders could approve them. This ensures everyone is working with the latest version of the latest approved plans.

Buildings such as fire stations need to meet many requirements. With thinkproject, it is easy to determine if these requirements are met. Should any legal problems arise after delivery, everything entered into the platform is immediately traceable to help alleviate potential legal issues. This way thinkproject helps make workflows completely waterproof and audit-proof.

“thinkproject helped make project workflows completely waterproof AND audit-proof.”
– Kris Delbaere, Head Project Leader at STRABAG

Facts & Figures

• Fire station as part of safety services hub
• Contract volume: 25 million euros
• Opening / completion: June 2018
• Total floor area: 10,000 m2

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