The Pedemontana Lombarda Motorway Project

Pays / Région Italie
Secteur Infrastructure

The Project

The Pedemontana Lombarda motorway in Italy connects the provinces Varese and Bergamo. It is part of the regional traffic system and consists of a 65-km stretch of motorway, extending from Cassano Magnago to Osio Sotto, and includes a bypass of Como and Varese. Over 20 companies were involved in the successful delivery of the project; including planning groups, conveyors, validation groups and the general contractors.


The primary requirement of the client was to have a flexible yet efficient mechanism to enable interaction between all involved parties, and real-time sharing of the same information. Without a mechanism in place and with many parties involved the likelihood of conflicting information and disputes down the line would seem like an inevitability.


Using the platform makes it possible for the client to resolve major problems, facilitate checking and approval processes, ensure monitoring of document revisions, streamline communications between parties – and ensure preservation of all information relating to the project and its development.

Secondly, a system was needed to provide an official archive of all produced documentation – ensuring accessibility of all variants and subsequent documentation generated in the course of planning. With this in place it becomes easy to revisit project data later down the line, whether this be for requests for information or just to review some lessons learnt.

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