Digitised and Automated Management for Bruckner Tower

Land / Regio Oostenrijk
Branche Vastgoed

The new Bruckner Tower, designed by AllesWirdGut Architecture, is being built in the north of Linz, on the site of the former Bruckner University. This new high-rise building will be compromised of a wide range of living, working and educational facilities to benefit the surrounding community, as well as providing housing.

With a height of 98 metres and 31 storeys, the Bruckner Tower offers space for 357 apartments. Two schools and a parking garage can also be accommodated in the striking building. The school and kindergarten are accommodated in the transparent base of the tower, and in addition to the inner courtyard and the two forecourts, a generous green space is also planned on the rooftops.

Project members needs to keep a clear overview of the entire build, as well as having accurate information for each individual project, from the separate housing units to the build of other facilities.

Another admin task that is important was coordinating the apartment sales, ensuring complete and uniformed documentation for each of the 357 apartments.

The client L-Bau-Engineering already use thinkproject as its standard platform for construction and engineering projects. For this project, the company also relies on the support of thinkproject. In addition to drawing, document, and minutes management, the complex management of residential units was also digitised.

Necessary information such as changes, allocations, invoices and owner information for each apartment are brought together centrally within the thinkproject platform and are immediately available at the push of a button. This process-guided approach minimises sources of error, saving valuable time.

Facts & Figures

• Storeys: 31

• Height: 98 metres

• Opening: Spring 2021

• Contract volume: ca. 48,5 million Euro

• Total floor area: 40.500 m²

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