Efficient Management Communication for Construction of Desalination Plant Tuas 3

Land / Regio Singapore
Branche Energie & Water

The population growth experienced by Singapore has significantly increased the city's consumption of drinking water. Tedagua, a company belonging to the Cobra Group, with experience in the design, manufacture, operation, maintenance and engineering of desalination plants, was commissioned to carry out the Tuas 3 desalination plant project in Singapore.

Currently, desalinated water satisfies a quarter of the water demand in Singapore. With the construction of this third plant, Tuas 3, and a fourth scheduled for 2020, it is expected to cover 30% of the water needs in Singapore by 2060.

The geographical dispersion of the different work teams, as well as the large volume of information and documents that are handled daily on a project of such magnitude, caused Tedagua to decide to implement thinkproject as a collaboration tool, together with its partner on the project, HSL Constructor Pte Ltd.

The project's configuration is based on the management of information (deliverables) and their internal distribution. It also incorporates Outlook Connect for the storage and classification of all emails related to the project (approximately 30,000 to date).

thinkproject enables teams to access the latest versions of documents securely, regardless of location or time. The efficient management of communications via the platform ensures all project teams receive accurate and uniformed information.

Tuas 3 is the first project that Tedagua has entrusted to thinkproject to standardise work processes and information management, both internally and with collaborators.

These already implemented improvements have been increasing as the configuration of the Tedagua projects has required it, today possessing a very broad functional scope on projects around the world.

“thinkproject has greatly facilitated the necessary traceability on a project with such an excessive documentation load. We have managed to reliably control our exchanges of documentation with clients and subcontractors, as well as the flow of productive communications between the different areas involved.”
- Document Controller, Tedagua

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