Investing in Common Data Environment software to optimise time and costs for infrastructure projects

Land / Regio Polen
Branche Infra

Strabag are working on a new roadway project in Sulejówek, Poland. The project will see the expansion of the DW 637 road, which started with the demolition of the existing infrastructure, making way for a new roadway with sidewalks, totalling 3.9 KM of works.

The project also includes the construction of sewage systems, waterworks and retention reservoirs. There will also be upgraded electric, gas and telecommunication networks.

The infrastructure upgrades are carried out alongside the regular traffic in order to minimise disruption for residents. This naturally makes the project more complex, as well as increasing pressure to finish the works on time.

The project is also situated on existing infrastructure that needs to be replaced or removed, whilst also ensuring no disruption to the public.

Strabag have chosen to implement thinkproject’s Common Data Environment (CDE) software in order to process the large amount of data that has arisen from working with the general contractors, investors and the rest of the supply chain. Partnered with the CDE, a central database supports electronic document management. The central database is also a valuable tool for searching accurate and up-to-date documentation, providing document management tools for all teams involved.

Training has been provided on the uses of CDEs through the thinkproject platform, from engineers to the financial department. This enables Strabag to efficiently control many of the processes as well as the information flow.

thinkproject’s Common Data Environment has generated effective collaboration between all users, and once complete the data collected will provide valuable insights, with the CDE in turn saving time and money.

We hope that the use of CDE solutions by general contractors in public projects will encourage the public investors to accelerate the digitalisation process in the public sector.

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