Project Data Management System for Wolff & Müller

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Wolff & Müller began an intensive selection process in 2007 to find a central project data management system for the administration of their various projects, ticking off all their requirements. Since then over 50 projects have been managed through thinkproject, who are proud to be the solution of choice.


The client wanted to manage all project data in a single system to avoid redundancies. It was important for the company to manage all processes (design, document and defect management) in a single system.

It was also important to integrate external engineering offices in their communication processes, without having to integrate them into their internal enterprise network.


The thinkproject online project collaboration platform supports typical processes, as well as maintenance management, which was individually configured for the company.


An advantage of selecting thinkproject was that it already shared interfaces with some of their other applications. For example, the platform could be extended on an individual project basis to transfer address data directly from SAP to thinkproject.

Another factor that won Wolff & Müller over was the flexibility of the configuration options, which means customer-specific requirements can be implemented within the platform without any programming.


Wolff & Müller is an international construction company who were founded in 1936 in Germany. They are one of the biggest construction companies in Germany with projects including Mercedez-Benz and the Porsche Arena, Stuttgart. They are involved in numerous different builds, including highways, factories, commercial and residential buildings. The company are renowned for adapting to changing markets with innovative ideas, adopting and becoming a pioneer for BIM in the increased digitalisation of the industry.

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