Project Management For Redesign of The University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf

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The Project

Some parts of the UKE are over 100 years old. As part of the UKE Masterplan, large portions of the hospital were commissioned to be redesigned.

UKE has been continually growing for decades, creating a situation where the current building structure was no longer viable. Around 300 million Euros was invested in renovation and new construction, funded primarily by city, state and federal governments.

Several care units with 720 beds, as well as outpatient areas and operating theatres, were built over 85,000 m2 within the new hospital complex. The new clinic building is based on plans by Munich’s Nickl & Partner, which won the design competition for the project in 2003.


Whilst carrying out construction work, the clinic continued to operate, presenting a major challenge for the Masterplan project team, which assumed the role of project client and is responsible for financial control, aligning the architectural design with the requirements of the UKE organisation, as well as coordinating all project planners and contractors. Safety and comfort of patients was at the forefront of the project, with it being crucial that disruption was kept to a minimum due tot he nature of the facility.


UKE achieved optimal plan management for the new clinic by implementing thinkproject’s rule-based, digital distribution. Print orders were also generated according to pre-set rules and forwarded to three different plan printing services in Munich, Hamburg and Stuttgart. General documents, minutes, the planning manual and daily construction records were also managed using thinkproject.

Furthermore, the Masterplan project team commissioned thinkproject to set up a customised online collaboration platform to coordinate its planners and approval authorities. In addition to the organisation of plans and print orders, the team used thinkproject Meeting Minutes Management and Webcam modules, as well as implementing central email storage.

The Client

The University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) is one of the largest hospitals in Hamburg, Germany. The UKE has a 1,460-bed capacity and 121 day-care places and was built between 1884 and 1889.

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