Construction Defect Reporting for A 4 Autobahn Refurbishment

Kraj / Region Austria
Branża Infrastruktura


In 2013 the Department of Transportation, together with the provinces of Burgenland and Niederösterreich, decided to implement a four-step safety package which will see more than 60 kilometres of the A 4 Autobahn Ost renewed. This aims to make it safer and more convenient for the daily flow of tens of thousands of commuters and includes the reconstruction of the four-kilometre traffic hub between Schwechat and Vienna Airport, upgrading and resurfacing of the main routes, plus the repair of crash barriers and a total of four bridges.

The project is expected to complete in 2023, with this transnational infrastructural project supporting the economic region of eastern Austria whilst also creating sustainable jobs.


As the upgrades are taking place on a busy commuter route the safety of travellers is of utmost importance. The project is mindful not to decrease the risk of disrupting traffic flow, meaning each lane will be reconstructed separately so the others may remain operational.


The thinkproject Photo App provides verifiable documentation which STRABAG uses for defect reporting and management. In this sense it is simple for anyone on-site to relay exact issues to the wider team once uploaded onto the platform, which can be done via any handheld device with an internet connection.

However, this is not its only use. When used as a monitoring tool for defect reporting on construction equipment hired out during the project, the equipment is screened to avoid unjustified claims for previous damages. Possible damages are documented in the construction defect report, and the leasing agent is informed. As well as this, STRABAG uses the app for surveying, recording structural damage, site documentation and monitoring machinery.


Since using the Defect app in this innovative defect reporting way, compensation for faulty machinery can no longer be claimed, ensuring prices remain accurate and there are no surprise costs or lengthy disputes at the end of the project.


Austria’s publicly owned ASFiNAG have been planning, building and maintaining autobahns since being awarded a new government contract in 1997. They are also responsible for toll collection and financing of the infrastructure. Contract partner STRABAG AG is the largest construction company in Austria and one of the largest in Europe, with separate divisions for Building Construction & Civil Engineering, Transportation Infrastructure and Special Divisions & Concessions.

Facts & Figures

  • 13mil Euro investment value
  • 4km of reconstruction work
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