Facility Management Software for Audi AG

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Currently facility management enquiries are centrally processed by AUDI AG in their call centre, with the addition of further steps that are managed intelligently via thinkproject. On construction projects, once the building phase is complete the next stage is the building management. This can be considered carrying out essential upkeep, through to an employee notifying management that something in the office needs replacing. In a large workplace this can be a constant maintenance phase, and requests can sometimes be missed, leading to delays on repairs and an unhappy workforce.


With the building maintenance software supplied by thinkproject, messages are entered in as a job by the employee before going through a processing check which determines whether the request is covered by a contract. If so, an order is transferred from thinkproject directly to the contractor. Depending on the job, specified contact people are notified and asked to approve estimated costs. All communication between the call centre, contractors and cost approvers is managed via thinkproject’s building maintenance software, and seamlessly documented.

As thinkproject is an open system, it integrates easily with specialist applications – such as internal office organisation, CAD, ERP and finance systems. For this project, an interface to Audi’s SAP system was created. All order data is transferred directly from thinkproject to SAP and available for processes such as the billing run.


Now, both the placement of orders and requests for cost approvals are carried out using uniformed email forms. The main advantage is that all information gathered in the response directly addresses the request. There is no need for recipients to have direct access to thinkproject – forms can be received, opened, responded to and returned via the user’s email. Responses to enquiries flow directly back into the system and the entire process is documented.

External users can also access documents in thinkproject, even if they do not have access to the system itself. They simply click on the link in the email form. As an extra security measure, this link only provides access to a specific document without granting other access rights, maintaining a secure system.


German car manufacturer Audi design, build and market vehicles for a global market, producing luxury cars for users around the world. Founded in 1910, the company has become a recognisable brand. Owned by Volkswagen, Audi have several divisions and subsidiaries.

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