Optimised Building Defect Report Management for Siedlungswerk

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Siedlungswerk have been a high-performance partner in housing and urban development in the Baden-Württemberg region since 1948. Siedlungswek started to think about overhauling their processing times, which were becoming lengthy for processing acceptance and warranty defects in their construction projects. They began to use thinkproject for better building defect reporting on their residential construction projects.


Prior to implementing the platform, defects were compiled mainly in Excel lists both in-house and by the responsible Site Manager. All defects were being processed twice and it was time-consuming to compare content and the status of lists. Therefore, the processing effort was very high and sources of errors very likely. Depending on the project configuration, in some cases this could lead to lengthy processing times, which resulted partly in unhappy purchasers and had consequences on retentions.

Siedlungswerk found it challenging to provide a continuous documentation of all processing steps and warranty periods. Their problems were related to time-consuming communications and administration both internally and with external construction site managers and firms, with an inconsistent approach.


Introducing a single platform for processing and administering their acceptance and warranty defects led to a significant reduction in Siedlungswerk’s processing effort and by defining standards they reached a consistent approach.


Written correspondence, e.g. requests for remedying defects, are now uniform, legally compliant and executed via thinkproject in accordance to Siedlungswerk’s guidelines. The documentation of all processing stages and warranty periods now takes place seamlessly and the processing status of an issue can easily be discovered at any point in time.

Real control of construction management is now possible thanks to easy access to overviews of both defect status and any associated time periods, of which the processing times have been reduced significantly.

External firms have profited from this more structured defect processing, and on request of their customers, Siedlungswerk can now inform about the current processing status of every defect or warranty period.

Our collaboration was very professional, constructive, transparent and trusting. By implementing the entire process, we have greatly profited from the wealth of experience of thinkproject employees. Our ideas for the handling of our processes were implemented with the utmost precision. Necessary adaptions were implemented quickly and without complication. The entire team was always easily reachable whenever we had any queries, and their response times were very fast.”
- Florian Bertz, Project Management, Siedlungswerk

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