Spie Batignolles: document management for the European Galileo satellite programme

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The project

Spie Batignolles has been tasked by the Ministry of the Armed Forces to design and construct a building that will house the Security Monitoring Centre of the European Galileo satellite programme. This building contains both civil and military operations. This project is involves several stakeholders from all trades including the end user, the GSA (European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency), which will operate the building to pilot the satellite system.


Because of the amount of different aspects of work being carried out on the project there was a real need for centralisation and administration of documents. As well as this rights management and codification are also necessary. In addition to the functional requirements, controlling deadlines was a critical element: the software had to be deployed quickly, both in terms of technical implementation and team training.

One challenge is the tight deadline all project teams are working towards. Given the deadlines, the thinkproject platform saves significant time in exchanges between the various stakeholders with the training tool provided.


thinkproject's France office was selected by Spie Batignolles for its Common Data Environment (EDC in French) capabilities, and in particular their Electronic Document Management (GED in French). The software allows teams to centralise information, store it, manage it and finally distribute it. For Spie Batignolles, thinkproject's EDM also makes it possible to manage a non-negligible contractual aspect: once loaded into the application, the document or batch of documents is marked with the entry date. It then integrates a validation circuit as part of a workflow pre-established by Spie Batignolles and thinkproject.

The validation circuit represents an important issue for Spie Batignolles. It allows teams to approve documents digitally and also allows them to automate the classification and distribution according to access rights. Finally, it analyses the time required for the validation of each document and thus ensures that deadlines are framed and delays are avoided.

Furthermore, the thinkproject solution allows teams to freeze EDM at the end of the project and thus serve as a database for the end customer, the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

Read more about our Electronic Document Management on our Project Lifecycle Management page.

Image reference: ESA/C. Lezy,CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO

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