Tender Management Software for HOCHTIEF Building

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When HOCHTIEF embarked on its goal to significantly increase efficiencies in its tender processes and simplify communications with its suppliers, it decided to employ an online project collaboration platform with a particular requirement for tender management software.


Requests for tender (RFT) notoriously demand a diverse range of information and documents to be collected, assimilated and distributed to many stakeholders. Responses from bidders must also be evaluated and documented as quickly as possible. At each stage in the process, companies strive to achieve time and cost savings.

It was important for HOCHTIEF that their new tender management software could be easily integrated with existing internal company processes and be broadly accepted by both internal staff and external project partners.


thinkproject Tender Management offers many advantages, one of which is that; all tender and bidder information can be transferred from SAP to the platform via the interface. As a result, data entry isn’t duplicated, and the information can centrally be maintained in the SAP database without processes having to be modified.

The RFT packages that are distributed can consist of multiple documents in several file formats. There are significant efficiencies because now any number of bidders can be contacted simultaneously via a single dispatch operation. Another advantage is that all documents and responses to an RFT are stored centrally and can be viewed by all those responsible at any time, wherever they are.


HOCHTIEF is currently using thinkproject for all tender processes for both building and civil engineering projects, within all branch offices in Germany. They are also planning to implement the module across their European businesses.


HOCHTIEF operates globally as Germany’s largest construction company, divided into four divisions (America, Asia Pacific, Europe and Concessions).

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